Finished Interior

Most of these pictures have already been used in the other posts.  Thought it might be a good idea to put them all in one place.
I was just going to put all the pictures up but I can't help it.  I need to narrate. The crawl through is very nice but hardly ever used.  We generally keep our bikes in the back seat so completely block the access. 
Love those LED lights.  Unfortunately after a couple of years now they are dying.  I'll have to find some better quality ones.
I get a lot of comments about the "carpet".  Yes it's real leather.  On cleaning day I just shake the carpets out and wisk the floor a bit. So easy.

The new counter space is great.  Since this shot was taken I've had to replace the stove top and have built a shelf on the side of the fridge.
Very comfortable bed and a good size too.  My girlfriend gets the window side.  We call it the coffin.  Windows are great though.  If it's hot we turn on the fantastic fan and open only the two front windows to pull air over us all night.  You will see in another post that the sunroof bezel has been upgraded.
Still some good storage in the water tank cupboard.  All of the upright breakables go here such as, cooking oil, spices, etc.
My favorite drawer in the whole camper.  It's large and easily accessible.
The table is still working well.  One issue though.  Don't use poplar in laminated products.  The poplar wood swells so much that the table won't open when I stay for over a week in the Southeast.  I sanded down the edges and now it's fine.
There's that amazing counter top again.  The deep undermount sink and side controls are the bomb.
I put some fuzzy on this side of the fridge since it's in the bedroom.
A good overall look from the bed.  Feels much bigger than it looks I promise.
Electrical panel all finished up.  Couch in it's latest decor.
And finally a blurry picture of the left side storage.  This one is really handy so catches a lot of our much used items.  A lot of shoes, jackets, computers, and whatever else is laying around ends up in there.