Repairs and Improvements

Most of the major issues are now dealt with so I'm starting to focus on the minor issues that bug me.
The ceiling panels are loose and some even coming down in places.  Gorilla glue to the rescue.
The difficult part was keeping the panels in place while they dried.  Had to make a few supports.

I keep thinking my roof is finally sealed.
The back was doing fine but then the front started leaking.  I resealed both front windows with some sikaflex which is supposed to be the best.  It lasted two years  before it started letting drips in again.  Now I have roof tar sealing the windows and home type roof sealant on the flat part.  No more leaking roof. 

I've dropped the auxiliary fuel tank three times already which is also about three times too many.  First it started leaking at the vent tube.  Pulled, replaced, re-installed.  Second the fuel gauge stopped working.  Just had to reconnect a loose wire for that one.
Then the worst one happened.  One of the straps broke on the way down to Baja.  I was able to fix it on the road.

When I got back to Arizona I replaced the straps with some steel ones.

I love this fix.
I have an aftermarket alternator which has a larger cooling fan attached.  When the truck flexes the fan eats into the radiator reservoir bottle.  Since it's ABS I decided to try to heat it up to "weld" the hole and deform it around the fan.  Worked great and is still holding strong years later.  Update: 2017 the aftermarket alternator failed and was replaced with a stock unit.

This is by far one of my favorite modifications.

See that blue box.  That is an electric ball valve.  It's connected to the grey water tank.
Wired up at the drivers seat.  Wiring the switch took all the brain power I had.  I finally got it right and didn't let any high pressure smoke out.  I'm sure everyone knows that all electronics run on high pressure smoke and once it's released the part is finished. 
So now instead of having to deal with dumping a grey water tank at the sewer station I just open the valve when I'm in the boonies.  Yes, perfectly legal, look it up.  If I'm parked in someones driveway or a rest area I just flip the switch and the grey water tank holds it.  Yes, I have been tempted to open it on the highway when someone is tailgating me.  Haven't done it yet.

This is a shot of the internal electronics for the front winch.  I had to replace one of the four solenoids to make everything work again.

The darn air compressor started working intermittently.  It took some time, but I finally chased it down to a wire in the regulator.

This one was sorely needed.
I added a backup camera.  As you can imagine the visibility looking straight back is not good.
With these two gadgets it is now very good.

It took a while, but after many attempts at getting new hardware for the windows I broke down and made my own.  It was a fun project finding parts in Dad's garage and making them work. Update 2017:  I got new front windows with new hardware.  Not impressed with the standard openers.  Might have to put mine back on.

The old grill was falling apart and rattling up a storm.
I found a new one online.  I think it looks much better and solved my rattling issues. 
I installed a steering box brace.  With this and the other upgrades to steering it really drives nice.
 Not much left of these stabilizer bushings.  Time for new ones.
Another step down the "I need better steering rabbit hole"  A new steering box being installed and alignment done.  Ooh you should see it now!!
 When my buddy and I discovered that I only had 3 wheel drive because of mis aligned shift forks in the front axle.  Simple once I found the mistake made by the gear change guy. 
 This situation was unacceptable and dangerous.  It took some searching, but I eventually came up with this solution. 
Both front batteries are now very clean and organized.