New Shocks

I'd like to pass on some of what I learned about shocks and tire wear.
I've never been much of a believer in shock replacement.  I did have to change that tune recently after some rough riding and bad wearing tires.

This was the issue.  The tires were wearing very poorly.  After reading and getting a 4x4 shop to check things out I finally decided to give shocks a try.  After much discussion with bilstein it was clear that the ones on the truck were  correct and the same model was available.  They didn't seem worn out to me, but the shop guy suggested that maybe they were.  He also suggested that it was most likely the reason my steering components were contacting my diff cover.  See write up here

He wanted over a thousand bucks to replace 8 shocks.  I decided to do it myself, how hard could it be.  I got the shocks for 530 bucks from summit racing.  Now I'm smiling all the way to the bank.  Then I went to put them on. 
They were tricky but not terrible.  Had the fronts on in a few hours.  The rear left was a breeze, only took an hour.  Now that right rear.  I could not get the bolt out.  I worked on it for 3 hours straight using every trick in the book.  Finally had to move the drive shaft, move the exhaust over, and remove the complete shock tower. 
Even out of the truck there was no way to remove the bolt. 
I ended up cutting the shock away to finally find an inner sleeve that was completely welded to the bolt.  It was acting like a locking mechanism and never did give up.  That thousand bucks wasn't sounding so bad after all.  It was worth it though, I saved some bucks and learned a few things.

I was blown away how well the new shocks worked.  The truck handled so much better.  The new tires are now wearing perfectly.  Lesson learned, shocks are very important and do wear out.  If your tires start cupping and the steering and alignment is basically good, look at the shocks.