Camper in Use

A few shots of me actually using this house on wheels.  Yes I do use it plenty.

We went up some back way and came out on the East side of the Rubicon trail.  No, I'm not saying I got anywhere near the hard parts, but we found some challenges for an 11,000 lb camper with only 3x3.
Yes 3x3.  We didn't know it at the time, but the guy who changed the gearing for me missed putting the shift fork on the front axle.  Because of this I only had 3wd when the front lockers were engaged, or 2wd when 4wd was selected.

This one put a scare into me.

Blasting down dirt roads in the middle of the state of Nevada is always good.
I like this shot.  We spent the night here.  The blades turned all night and it was a pleasant sound not unlike a babbling brook.
Barbara liked it too.  The wind turbines are really something up close.  I guess this is the way to get a good perspective.
Hard to pass through Northwestern California with seeing the redwoods.
Lastly, a shot of Mt Hood.  I spent a lot of time in this area last summer.  Great recreation area.