TV Install with bracket and antenna

Since I spend so much time in my camper, entertainment is important.  Having set up a few systems in the past I had some specific goals in mind this time.  Flat screen for sure and LED for power savings.

I went with a Majestic 21.5" TV with DVD combo.  I was attracted to the robust design and slim profile while still being a true 12 volt TV.  One of my favorite features is the one button tuning while using the antenna.

I couldn't find a mount that worked for my location so decided to make my own.
It's nice to be able to have exactly what you want when making your own.
The TV is now mounted in the perfect place and viewable from all parts of the camper.  Not so difficult I guess in this small space.
The tricky part always seems to be getting all those wires in the right places and hidden properly.  I patched the TV into the rear stereo in case I wanted to hear it through the camper speakers.
To pick up local stations I installed the leaf antenna.  Chosen primarily for its size and mounting location.  It's powered and does work well.  I have it mounted so that raises and swivels for best reception.
In this shot you can see the western digital media player above and the 2 terabyte hard drive stuck to the back of the TV (red).  I have almost 1000 movies on the drive which play through the media player.

Overall the system works very well.  I have it all hooked up through an "entertainment system" switch so there is no power draw when not being used.  I have no complaints with the TV or supporting systems.