The Shower

Bill, the original owner along with safari campers did an excellent job of building in this shower pan.  When the door is closed you don't even realize it's there.  It's spacious and out of the way.
The original design had snaps in the ceiling for holding up the curtain.  They worked ok, but pulled free once in a while and weren't enough to hold up the weight of the shower head.  I first experimented with this copper tubing.  It worked well but turned out difficult to get back into the shower pan for storage.

Then it began to turn green and make marks on the ceiling.  Currently I'm using small but powerful clips to clamp onto the brackets in the corners.  Still looking for a better idea since the shower is now smaller without an upper frame.
 As you can see the shower is large and roomy with an upper frame.  Plenty of room in there for cleaning up.
Roomy indeed.  Some of the positives of this system are that it's easy to warm up the camper and keep the post shower chill off.  It's relatively quick to set up although nothing like jumping into your shower at the house.  Very private.

Some not so great parts would be the fact that you can't use the back door at all if someone is showering.  The worst part is where to store the now wet shower curtain.  I usually hang it outside until it dries.  Bottom line.  A shower is a must for me.  I can get a way with a few sponge baths, but eventually it's time for the full monty of clean.