The electronics in this vehicle are extensive.  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  I'm an electronics kind of guy and appreciate the extensive systems.  I also realize it all comes at a cost.  There's so much wire in this thing I could probably roll it into the scrap yard and get half my initial investment back in copper.  The cost is keeping everything working properly.  Every connection is a weak link.

The first task was relocating the "information/control" station.  As stated in a previous post I got lucky in this aspect of the job as most of the wire was long enough for the relocate.
The original wiring was done very well so it made sense to move it intact.
From there it was just a matter of making another template and mounting location for the goodies.
It took me some time figuring out the new layout.  I wanted some open shelves in there for the ipod and other devices that need charging.
Luckily everything fit in it's proper space.
For the stereo I added the Dual MGH20.  I wanted one with bluetooth but it wasn't to be found so I added a separate bluetooth module and tied it into the aux input.  After much conflict I finally decided to mount the speakers mid way in the ceiling.  They would have gone over the back door but there just wasn't enough room.  I got very shallow depth speakers and still had to attack the nida core for the install.

In this shot you can see the speakers top right and the round stereo in the back wall.  So far the rear stereo is a big hit.  I listen to FM, Ipod, and will often bluetooth my podcasts.  I also tied a separate switch in to use the AUX input for movie sound.
In the cabinet above the sink there is another power port which is switched to come on with the entertainment system.  The TV, Hard Drive, WD Media Player (Netflix and Movies) and powered antenna all come on with that one switch.

What powers it all you ask?  I now have just over 300 watts on the roof.

On the AC side the truck came with the 1000 watt inverter and a 30 amp charger.

When I discovered the 110v water heater element it was time to install a proper 110v circuit.  An automatic transfer switch went in behind the drawers and a breaker box fit in the toilet compartment. 
By far the most difficult part of the 110v system was getting an outlet on the counter side of the truck.  Most of the refrigerator mounting had to be removed to get the outlet in the right spot. 
The wiring complications aren't limited to the cabin.  When replacing the old head unit I removed over 20 feet of electron pipe.  Every time I get under the dash I find more extra wire and maybe a surprise.  I just discovered a previously installed alarm system.