Couch Build

This is the rear left corner of the vehicle.  A Portable toilet was stored here and I'm assuming it caused most of the water damage.  I had the same problem in my Sportsmobile.  Altitude changes caused the fresh water tank to overflow.  I never did figure out how to fix it other than give my porta potti away.  Turns out that was the right thing to do.  Stay tuned for a composting toilet post soon.  Luckily under the wood was the nida-core like base which had absolutely no damage.  I'm now a huge fan of these structural panels.

The top of the original bench seat was cut down to the new seat height.  You can just see the left side water tank along the wall.  Inside the compartment is the 8D battery and a fuse panel.  Ignore the air conditioner.  It's just temporary to get me through July in Southern Arizona. 

Vertical walls built up now.  Notice extra storage above the battery compartment.  It's so nice to have at least one big easy access box inside to toss everything into.  The couch is much higher than the old one for two reasons.  I wanted to be able to see out the window while sitting (used to be well above my head) and the composting toilet is tall.

Basic bed/couch platform fitted.  I debated for weeks whether or not to make a pull out system for a larger bed "downstairs".  In the end I decided it was plenty big for one and in a pinch a fourth could sleep on the floor or the bench seat in the extra cab.  It just wasn't worth the complications required for a slightly wider bed. Forgive me guests.

Installing the drawers.  These are very large and deep.  The left side hinges up for toilet access, the right for access to the large storage area and battery compartment.

Here you can see how the bed/couch narrows towards the back.  This is due to the fact that the battery compartment is a touch wider than the rear (see picture above).  I thought it was going to be an eye sore, but now I appreciate the wider couch in front and like the look. 

And then the really difficult part.  I was like an iguana at the arctic.  No idea what fabric to use or exactly how to do the cushions.  Yep, I was single at this time.

Lets just concentrate on the seat cushions for a second.  They turned out really nice.  With the upholsterer's wife helping I think we did well.  The back cushions.....  They were on sale at Sears for 10 bucks each and they fit perfectly.  They are now gone and I'm still struggling with exactly what to use.