Fridge Move

Just a side note here.  This is what happened the first time I took the truck off road.  Heard a big crash in the back and saw this when I opened the rear door.  The fridge wasn't secured at all.  No worries, I had plans for a move anyway so just put it back temporarily and rolled on.  By the way, it didn't bother the fridge at all.  Didn't miss a beat, still humming along keeping my food cold. 

The plan from the beginning was to move the fridge over.  The difficult part was making the base strong enough without middle or front support.  I had this great pull out table idea and wasn't willing to give up on it.

Ventilation was a challenge as well.  These holes only go to the compartment below but hopefully help.  I ended up attaching a cooling fan to the back which comes on with the fridge.  I also made a channel along the left side to bring more air in.  The back of the fridge sits two to three inches from the wall and is open at the top.

I also had room to put in this huge drawer.  It has become one of my favorites. 

There wasn't much room for hardware between the cabinet, drawer, and table.  The solution was to cut out part of the drawer bottom and table top.  Sounds scary, but turned out well.

Lower cabinet door installed, smoke coming from my ears trying to figure out how to get hardware on the drawer.

Working on the table top and upper trim piece.  I put double drawer glides on so the table can pull almost to the other wall of the truck.  The idea being you could reach behind the table and get items from the drawer.  I don't use it as much as anticipated, but it works.

Finished drawer.  As I said before, it just seems to be in the right place and holds a lot.  Really glad I installed this one.

Finished table.  See how the latch cuts into the top a bit.  When originally designed there was supposed to be seating for two on the couch using the table.  Unfortunately the composting toilet install required the couch be rather tall.  This makes getting your legs under the table a tight squeeze.  The table is primarily used as a second person work area when cooking.

There is a carpeted shelf on top of the fridge.  It's the perfect spot for portable electronics, bread, fruit, chips, etc.  All of the things that seem to float around in a camper of this size.  I also added a 12v outlet up there so we can charge devices out of the way.