Left Side

The pantry was the most difficult to give up.  Was I going to have enough space for all those goodies?  I guess we'll find out.

The switch panel and 90% of the camper electronics were mounted on the front of the cabinets.  This created the biggest challenge of the project.  How to move all of this without rewiring the whole shebang. 

I used a sawsall to semi surgically cut the cabinets up piece by piece.  Paying very close attention to wires.  As said in an earlier post I was able to save most of the two overhead cabinets for reinstall.

One piece of cabinet grade maple plywood covered the whole wall.  Notice the cut out in the top left corner to help support the back of the overhead cabinets.  You can also see the original bench seat cut down.  The black wire coming from the bottom of the picture is the espar heater control.  I located it close to the bedroom so one doesn't need to get up to turn the heater on.

I got lucky in that there was enough length to move the switch panel all the way back without extensive rewiring.