Counter Upgrade

The old counter was outdated and had very little working space.  There isn't even room to set down a one gallon milk jug.  I just don't understand why these shallow stainless sinks are so popular.  This one is a double and they are both 5" deep.  Neither side is big enough to do anything in and the double sink takes up a huge amount of valuable counter.  I also planned to move the fridge over to this side so big changes had to happen.

Luckily the cook top is relatively shallow and will be easy to relocate.  Bad stains on the wood when the old back splash is removed. 

With the old counter top gone you can now see the two stage water filter.  Everything goes through the first filter and only drinking water goes through the second.  With a lot of measuring I was able to leave the filters in the same location.  I opted to put all the water "controls" and new sink on one side for maximum surface area. 

I got lucky and found a piece of Corian on Craigslist for a hundred bucks.  I didn't even have to cut it.  Although the Corian looks great I wouldn't have used it had I known its weight and fragility.  It's easy to work with and other than heavy seemed perfect.  Unfortunately (after some travel) there are two small cracks coming from the stove cut out. I've drill stopped them and they seem to be ok now.

It took a couple of days of sweating and fretting to get everything in the right place.  This time I used the measure 10 times and cut once method.  Normally I do the measure once, cut once, *%$@#&* measure again, cut again, %&*$%#@, try to "adjust" the cut item to make it fit, come back tomorrow method.

The sink is an under-mount and some 14 inches deep.  I absolutely love it.  The controls on the side, although unconventional, are working out very well.  The new back splash is a piece of insanely overprices maple from Home Depot.  Controls are, from top to bottom, Main faucet with extending wand, filtered water, soap, shower control, and shower head.

The new counter top is near perfect.  Much more space, wonderful sink, hot stove top out of the way, and small cracks in the corian.  Oops, scratch that last part.