Tires First

When I picked up the ExploreMoreMobile it had 37" mud tires.  55mph was only showing around 12 to 1300 on the tach.  The tires were too old, semi round, and made for mud.  I decided to get new ones in Houston before the 1200 mile drive back to AZ.  I ended up with 35" General Grabbers.  They sure look cool.  They are soft and probably cost me at least 1 mpg, but they do work in the rocks and sand where I spend most of my time.

I saved myself 2 grand by taking the old tires and original alcoa forged rims from the seller.  I really like the look of  these.  As of Jan 2015 I've put 10k miles on the tires and I am impressed.  They air down nicely and have great traction.  Not terribly happy with the wear though.  They look to be 30% gone already. 

Back in Arizona it was time to get busy.  I was going to be laid up with a knee surgery soon so I had to get right into it.  I don't keep track of the hours, but I guarantee you it was a bunch.  I spent most of three months with my nose buried into ER2K systems.  Yes, it did get that hot inside while I worked.

I'm not proud of this set up, but hey it worked and kept me working in July and August.  I made allowances to install the A/C unit in a rear box above the spare if I decide to take it on the road.  So far I've been able to just re-locate when it gets too hot.  Summer 2015 will be the test.