Water System

When I first put water in the truck it started dripping out underneath.  After some snooping around I found the outlet fitting to be cracked.  Since I had already decided to take out the "dinette" seats it wasn't much of a leap to just change the tank for a bigger one. 

Not looking so great under the old water tank.  Luckily the walls and floor are fiberglass under the wood so the damage only goes so far.  Notice the espar heater shares the same area as the right hand water tank.

New tank arrived after a couple of weeks.  Notice the new variable speed pump supplied by EarthRoamer.  Lucky for me the original pump died way back when and being an quality shop this is most likely the only pump they carry.  So much better than standard RV pumps.  If memory serves I now have 34 gallons on the right, 18 on the left.  Since I don't have a flush toilet this water lasts a long time.

Water system up and running.  The only other thing I did was to insulate the pipes to keep noise down and build boxes over the sender and inlet hose.  A little more about the water system.  The two tanks are located in the very front of the camper for good weight distribution.  There is a 1.5" transfer hose between them and a vent tube on each tank.  I lengthened the left vent to account for excess water trying to slosh over.  The weight of the fridge and larger tank are offset by the fuel on the left.  I also try to load everything heavy on the left side of the vehicle for balancing.  The two tanks feed through a two stage water filtration system.  The second stage being used only for drinking.  Hot water comes from a hydronic system which uses either engine coolant or it's own diesel heater to reach temps.  I still marvel at how every time I arrive at camp my water is hot..... magic.