Overhead Cabinets

It didn't take much off roading before I started to see some issues in the camper.  One of the earliest was the overhead cabinets coming loose and sagging.  The left side cabinets were a floor to ceiling build, but on the right they were hanging from the ceiling.  When I got them down I found this hole in the ceiling which I believe was a vent for the stove.

The cabinets were held up by 6 or 8 screws into the fiberglass roof and the quarter inch wall panel.  Not nearly enough for the bouncing around I'm planning.  I used gorilla glue to stick a piece of plywood onto the fiberglass roof and glue the panel to the walls.  I'm not proud of all those screws on the side.  It was the best I could come up with to get the wood flat against the wall while the glue dried.  For extra support I added the aluminum rails for the cabinets to sit on. 

After removing the left side cabinets I was able to cut the top 'box' off and use it as a stand alone.  One of them was completely in tact while the other required some rebuild.  Much more coming on the left side demo and rebuild in another post.

Overhead cabinets on the left side are held up the same way.

I also replaced the wood panel on the left side with 1/2" to make a small ledge for the back of the cabinets to sit on.  Same thing on the back side, but with 3/4".  It came out really nice and makes for a tight finished look.